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    • 2020-11-02 What are the Requirements for Coal-fired Boiler Used in Food Industry?

      The food processing needs the steam or hot water to assist the production and improve the efficiency. Usually, the food plant needs the small tonnage boiler, so the coal-fired boiler is not recommended.Requirements for Coal-fired Boiler Used in Food Industry1. Steam quantity. The food processing nee...
    • 2020-08-21 Unit of the Capacity of Industrial Boilers

 Industrial boilers can be divided into steam boilers and hot water boilers
 Steam boilers convert heat energy into steam by burning fuel, mainly in industrial industries, such as food industry, petrochemical industry, washing and ironing industry, packag...
    • 2021-03-04 Pizhou Customers Visit ZOZEN Boiler

      As all know, hospitals have huge steam demands for the disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment, bed sheets and quilt covers. Therefore, a set of high-efficiency and eco-friendly steam boiler is essential for a hospital. ZOZEN Boiler has accumulated abundant boiler project experience in t...
    • 2020-12-16 What are Main Pieces of Auxiliary Equipment of Coal-fired Boilers?

      1. Fans. Fans can be divided into forced draft fan, induced draft fan, primary air fan, pulverized fuel exhauster and so on. The forced draft fan can provide the air for fuel combustion and promote the sufficient fuel combustion. The primary air fan often adopts the centrifugal fan to dry the fuel a...
    • 2020-12-31 What if the Fully Automatic Thermal Oil Heater Catches Fire?

      If the hot oil pump of the fully automatic thermal oil heater is suddenly damaged and stops working during the operation, the boiler circulation will be blocked. If the fuel is still burning to make the oil temperature keep rising, it will cause the coking of the hot medium oil which is easy to caus...
    • 2020-12-30 What are the Precautions for Using the Hot Medium Oil?

      The hot medium oil of the thermal oil heater should be tested regularly to measure and analyze the physical and chemical indicators such as the residual carbon, acid value, viscosity, flash point, melting point and so on, so as to know the quality changes in time and analyze the reasons for the chan...