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What are the Matters Needing Attention When Discharging Gas Boiler?

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For a boiler to operate stably and efficiently, all links must be properly coordinated without making mistakes. For gas-fired boilers, it is necessary not only to have softened water treatment facilities, but also to carry out regular sewage discharge, which cannot be ignored.

1. It is necessary to check the condition of the blowdown valve of the gas boiler before the blowdown. If the blowdown valve is seriously damaged (bent stem, stuck valve, serious leakage, etc.), it is not allowed to use it for blowdown.

2. Before pollutant discharge, the shift leader and neighboring furnaces need to be notified.

3. It is necessary to find out that the gas boiler under maintenance has been isolated from the sewage system before discharge.

4. It is forbidden to blow off two gas boilers at the same time.

5. The sewage discharge place and the passage leading to the sewage discharge point should have sufficient lighting, otherwise the sewage discharge is not allowed.

When someone is overhauling the sewage system, it is prohibited to discharge sewage.

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