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    • 2022-06-29 Energy-Saving Gas Steam Boiler Used in Food Safety Production

      During the food processing, industrial boiler provides necessary heat energy for disinfection, sterilization, high-temperature cooking and drying. The steam quality not only directly affects the food quality and safety, but also relates to the comprehensive benefits of enterprises, and it is an impo...
    • 2022-06-22 ZOZEN 6 TPH Coal Biomass Fired Boiler for Pakistan Oil Plant

      Recently, ZOZEN Boiler signed a contract with Pakistan Salva Group for heating boilers in oil plant to provide a set of coal and biomass mixed fuel boiler. This cooperation is a new breakthrough of ZOZEN Boiler in Pakistan's oil industry, which has expanded the share of ZOZEN in the local ma...
    • 2022-06-16 35 Tons 1.25 Mpa Gas Boiler for Fine Chemical Enterprises

      Fushun Dongke Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is a fine chemical enterprise specializing in the production and sales of concrete additives, lithium battery electrolyte solvents and other products. The sales volume of lithium battery electrolyte solvent produced by Dongke ranks among the top three in the wor...
    • 2022-06-09 Low Emission 6 Tons 1.25 Mpa Gas Steam Boiler Helps the Bentonite Industry

      Bentonite, known as "universal" clay, can be used as binder, stabilizer, etc. It is widely used in many fields such as oil exploitation, steel casting and so on.ZOZEN low emission boiler assists the enterpriseElementis Specialties Anji Ltd focuses on research, development and manufacture of organobe...
    • 2022-06-06 2800 KW Gas Fired Thermal Oil Heater For Biodegradable Materials

      Recently, Hubei Yihua increased its capital by 130 million yuan for the construction of 60,000 tons/year biodegradable new materials project, which is the first breakthrough of ZOZEN Boiler to realize the exploration of biodegradable chemical industry.ZOZEN Boiler provides thermal energy support for...
    • 2022-05-25 ZOZEN Biodiesel Thermal Oil Boiler Optimizes Structure Design

      Biomass energy is a "zero-carbon" energy source, and its converted gas and liquid fuels are widely used in various industries. Under the trend of low carbon emission, industrial boilers using biomass gas and biomass oil as fuel have also become a new research direction of boiler manufacturers.ZOZEN ...