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    • 2023-03-29 ZOZEN Oil Gas Fuel Skid-Mounted Steam Boiler in Myanmar Food Factory

      The so-called skid-mounted boiler is to put all the equipment such as boiler body, economizer, burner, valve instrument, electric control cabinet, water treatment, economizer circulating pump and raw water pressurizing pump on one or two skid blocks to form a industrial oil gas boiler system that ca...
    • 2023-03-24 Paper Plant Used ZOZEN Gas Steam Boiler

      Paper making is processed through separated, pulped, copied, and dried. During the process, steam heating is an important production condition, and the larger the paper mill, the more heat it uses. ZOZEN Boiler is committed to providing users with more energy-saving and environmentally friendly stea...
    • 2023-03-15 ZOZEN Gas Fired Steam Boiler in Pharmaceutical Industry

      In the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, a large amount of steam is needed to sterilize raw materials and instruments at high temperature, and to ensure the heat demand of drying, tableting and other processes. In order to better match the cost of production and control, industrial steam boiler ...
    • 2023-03-08 ZOZEN Hot Water Boiler Provides Central Heating

      Central heating is an important way for northern residents to resist severe cold. Compared with household heating, central heating is available all day, and the temperature is stable and guaranteed. At the same time, the boiler room is far away from the residential area, and the end users have no hi...
    • 2023-03-01 ZOZEN Biomass Steam Boiler in Textile Industry

      In the textile industry, industrial boilers as heat source equipment plays an important role in drying, sizing, printing and dyeing.ZOZEN biomass boiler has sufficient output and low fuel costNantong Haiwangxing Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a local textile enterprise specializing in processing co...
    • 2023-02-22 ZOZEN Biogas Boiler Solution in Paper Industry

      Sewage disposal has always been a difficult problem in the paper industry. Although the sewage treatment system has solved the sewage, it has brought a lot of new problems of biogas emptying. ZOZEN launches the biogas boiler for paper mill. With professional and technical advantages, it connects pap...