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What are the Notices for the Reconstruction of Coal-fired Boiler?

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1) Dismantle the original boiler: the main and auxiliary machine should be dismantled by professionals before the boiler is reconstructed in order to ensure the removal work quickly without accidents.

2) Pay attention to boiler’s anti-pressure capacity: transforming small-size coal-fired boiler into gas-fired boiler also changes negative pressure to positive pressure, so furnace’s structure and leakproofness should be paid special attention in order to avoid accidents caused by over pressure.

3) Pay attention to the furnace reconstruction: a fire or explosion may be caused by remained fuel gas from failed fuel oil atomization and incomplete combustion after the reconstruction, so it is necessary to install explosion-proof doors in suitable places of the boiler and add ignition and flame-out protection device to ensure boiler’s safe operation.

4) Test after reconstruction: high-quality boiler also needs to accept complicated test to ensure the safety performance after reconstruction. The common test method is to carry out high hydraulic pressure test on the boiler proper. After passing the test and meeting the use requirements, the boiler reconstruction is fully completed.

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