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YLW Series Coal-fired Thermal Oil Heater

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Company name: Anhui Tianyi New Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Xuancheng, Anhui

Equipment: YLW-25600MA

Project boiler medium: Heat Medium Oil (HMO)

Capacity: 22 million kcal

Customer Feedback

The coal-fired thermal oil heater produced by ZOZEN Boiler was featured with convenient installation, high thermal efficiency and stable operation, which had become the essential heating equipment of our company’s production lines.

YLW coal-fired thermal oil heater

Case Introduction

Anhui Tianyi New Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of fiber fabrics, PU and PVC synthetic leathers. As the production materials of clothing, shoes, boots, bags and suitcases, the company’s fiber fabrics and synthetic leathers have huge market demands. In order to meet the increasing demands, the company decided to expand the production lines of fiber fabrics and synthetic leathers by replacing the outdated heating equipment with the YLW series horizontal coal-fired thermal oil heater produced by ZOZEN Boiler.

ZOZEN YLW series horizontal thermal oil heater is pre-assembled with the chain grate structure. The boiler proper and chain grate are separated for transportation. After the boiler components are transported to the construction site, it can be put into use only by connecting the pipelines, valves and controller and connecting the boiler to oil and electricity, which can save a lot of installation costs. What’s more, ZOZEN YLW series coal-fired thermal oil heater adopts the square coil structure and optimizes the radiation heating surface to ensure the sufficient combustion of fuel. The boiler adopts the high-quality refractory bricks inside, convex-concave panels outside and high-quality perlite in the middle to control the furnace body temperature below 50℃, which can effectively reduce the heat loss and improve the thermal efficiency, so as to help enterprises achieve the high production efficiency.

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