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2.4 Million Kcal Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler in Plastic Tableware Industry

Early in this year, heads of state, environment ministers and other representatives from 175 nations, endorsed a historic resolution at the UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi to end plastic pollution, and forge an international legally binding agreement, by the end of 2024.


The trend of global environmental protection is increasing, which leads to the environmentally friendly disposable plastic tableware being the rigid demand. Boiler plays a vital role in the production process of the disposable plastic tableware, however, which kind of the boiler is suitable for the characteristics of the disposable plastic tableware production? ZOZEN Boiler, a professional industrial boiler manufacturer can help you choose the products.


One of the heating products of ZOZEN Boiler, the thermal oil boiler, also known as the thermic fluid boiler, or thermal oil heater has the characteristics of low pressure and high temperature, also it is cost-effective and has good performance of environmental protection.


 The gas fired thermal oil boiler in a disposable plastic tableware plant

The gas fired thermal oil boiler in a disposable plastic tableware plant


The gas thermal oil boiler in the production of disposable plastic tableware

The molding is the core technology of pulp tableware production, which determines the appearance smoothness and pressure-bearing capacity of the finished product. During this process, the 2.4 million kcal gas thermal oil boiler of ZOZEN provides the heat energy for the molding machine, which means the boiler performance has a direct impact on the first pass yield.


Why the thermal oil boiler of ZOZEN is matching the process need of the disposable plastic tableware, there are two aspects for consideration. One is the heat transfer media, it has large heat capacity and good heat stability. ZOZEN thermal oil heaters in horizontal and vertical versions for temperatures up to 320 °C meet the high temperature demand. The other is the boiler taking natural gas as the fuel, which is a clean energy.


 The round coil tube structure has a large heating surface

The round coil tube structure has a large heating surface


ZOZEN thermal oil boiler is widely used in the papermaking industry

One of the partners of ZOZEN Boiler, the customer company is a high-tech green recycling enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of disposable degradable tableware and fine work bags. In order to meet the increasing market demand, the company has built a new production line. After learning about the quality and performance of ZOZEN thermal oil boiler, the company immediately placed an order.


We provide the horizontal gas fired thermal oil boiler for the company. It is characterized by low requirement on the vertical space, which is suitable for boiler room with conventional design and convenient operation and maintenance. In addition, the boiler adopts advanced low-nitrogen burner, which has high fuel combustion efficiency, effectively inhibits the generation of nitrogen oxides, and can achieve ultra-low nitrogen emission.


 The horizontal gas fired organic heat carrier for the production line

The horizontal gas fired organic heat carrier for the production line


In addition, the control system selected by ZOZEN Boiler can collect the on-site data of the boiler system in real time, and display and control it through the touch screen, so that users can monitor all the operating parameters and states of the boiler and its supporting systems. At the same time, the boiler control system will automatically record and analyze the working time and efficiency of the boiler, and intelligently adjust the boiler operation.

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