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Optimize Your Production with Tri-Drum Biomass Steam Boiler

Discover the power of tri-drum biomass steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler, designed to meet the specific needs of various industries. With a focus on environmentally friendly and efficient steam generation, our boilers have been successfully implemented in different applications, including vacuum freeze-dried food production, autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) block manufacturing, and lightweight building material production. Let's explore the advantages of our tri-drum biomass steam boilers through three successful case studies.


25 TPH Tri-Drum Biomass Steam Boiler

Sanhe Foods (Yantai) Co., Ltd. – Enhanced Freeze-Dried Food Production

As a leading foreign-owned enterprise specializing in vacuum freeze-dried food, Sanhe Foods required a reliable steam supply for their production. ZOZEN Boiler provided a customized solution with the DZL series 20-ton tri-drum biomass steam boiler. The increased furnace height of the DZL series boiler allowed for efficient combustion of non-molded biomass fuels, ensuring optimal performance. By accommodating various biomass fuel types and featuring high-temperature-resistant grates, our boiler offered both fuel flexibility and reliability, meeting Sanhe Foods's steam quality requirements while improving overall production efficiency and energy consumption.

Wuhan Huayutai New Wall Material Co., Ltd. – AAC Block Production

Steam boilers play a crucial role in the production of autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) blocks. Wuhan Huayutai New Wall Material Co., Ltd. partnered with ZOZEN to optimize their steam supply with the DZL series tri-drum biomass steam boiler. Our boiler's stability and reliability ensured a continuous steam supply, maintaining consistent and stable AAC block production. With the ability to utilize biomass fuels such as wood chips and straw, our boiler provided a sustainable and efficient solution. By customizing the boiler according to the specific fuel characteristics, such as moisture content and particle size, our solution maximized fuel utilization and enhanced the overall competitiveness of Wuhan Huayutai New Wall Material.

Shandong Building Materials Factory – Lightweight Building Material Production

To meet the production needs of lightweight building materials, Shandong Building Materials Factory chose ZOZEN's DZW series 19-ton non-coking tri-drum biomass steam boiler. The factory specializes in manufacturing innovative prefabricated building components like ALC autoclaved sand-lime bricks and AAC autoclaved aerated concrete blocks. Our biomass steam boiler, fueled by biomass granules, significantly reduced energy consumption and environmental pollution. By providing stable high-temperature steam, we ensured the efficiency and quality of the lightweight building material production process, enhancing the factory's competitiveness. With a customized reciprocating grate design, our boiler achieved improved fuel utilization efficiency and longer service life, addressing the challenges associated with biomass fuel combustion and ash removal.

Unlock the full potential of your production processes with ZOZEN's tri-drum biomass steam boilers. Our customized solutions provide reliable and efficient steam generation for various industries, including vacuum freeze-dried food production, AAC block manufacturing, and lightweight building material production. With fuel flexibility, enhanced combustion efficiency, and stable steam supply, our boilers optimize energy utilization, improve product quality, and increase overall competitiveness. Contact ZOZEN Boiler today to discuss your specific requirements and explore the possibilities of our advanced biomass steam boiler solutions.

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