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ZOZEN Boiler Introduces YLW Series Chain Grate Coal-Fired Thermal Oil Heater Projects

ZOZEN Boiler, a renowned manufacturer of boilers, has unveiled its revolutionary YLW Series, a line of thermal oil heaters featuring chain grate technology. ZOZEN continues to demonstrate its industry leadership and commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions. With coal-fired thermal oil heaters like the YLW Series, ZOZEN Boiler empowers textile, gypsum, and footwear industries worldwide, delivering superior heating performance and meeting the evolving needs of customers.

In Pakistan YLW Series Chain Grate Coal-Fired Thermal Oil Heater Project for Textile Industry:

ZOZEN Boiler has earned the trust of numerous businesses with its technical expertise and commitment to quality. One such esteemed client is Kay & Emms (Pvt) Ltd., a prominent textile company with a strong production capacity covering the entire industry chain. As a supplier to globally recognized clothing brands like GAP and ZARA, Kay & Emms holds a significant market presence. With their business flourishing, Kay & Emms has chosen to expand and upgrade their facilities, once again partnering with ZOZEN Boiler for the installation of the YLW Series coal-fired thermal oil heater. ZOZEN Boiler has optimized the boiler base design, including the grate and furnace arch, to accommodate specific coal characteristics, enhancing combustion efficiency through multiple independent air chambers and air regulation dampers. The boiler body incorporates high-quality insulation materials and employs special construction techniques to minimize heat loss. Its advanced structural design optimizes radiation heat transfer, reducing the formation and emissions of flue gas dust within the combustion chamber. Additionally, the boiler features an efficient ash cleaning system, facilitating maintenance, operation, and cleaning processes.

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YLW Series Chain Grate Coal-Fired Thermal Oil Heater Project In Pakistan 

In Tanzania, Saint-Gobain chose ZOZEN Boiler for their YLW Series 6 Million kcal Coal-Fired Thermal Oil Heater Project:

Background: Saint-Gobain Lodhia Gypsum Industries Ltd., a joint venture between the renowned manufacturing giant Saint-Gobain Group of France and Lodhia Group, was established in 2015. The company specializes in the production of gypsum boards, which are sold in Tanzania, Kenya, and neighboring regions. The gypsum board manufacturing process requires a substantial amount of high-temperature heat for drying. After comprehensive research, Saint-Gobain Lodhia selected ZOZEN Boiler as their thermal oil heater supplier.

Project Solution: ZOZEN Boiler provided a YLW Series coal-fired thermal oil heater. This series utilizes a multi-loop coil design, along with efficient insulation materials and advanced construction techniques, to generate high temperatures under low operating pressures. The actual thermal efficiency of the boiler has been tested and proven to exceed 85%. Equipped with a fully automated intelligent control system, the boiler can adjust parameters based on specific operational conditions, ensuring high automation and stable safety performance.

In a Vietnamese Footwear Factory, ZOZEN Boiler Implemented a 3 Million kcal YLW Series Coal-Fired Thermal Oil Heater Project:

Vietnam's footwear industry has experienced remarkable growth in production and supply capacity due to its participation in multiple free trade agreements. Saibolin Footwear Materials Co., Ltd., a major shoe manufacturing company in Vietnam, has selected ZOZEN Boiler to supply a 3 million kcal coal-fired thermal oil heater for their production line heating needs.

ZOZEN Boiler designed a high-temperature, low-pressure thermal oil heater tailored to the footwear industry's requirements. Unlike steam boilers, thermal oil heaters can achieve higher working temperatures under lower pressures. The YLW Series coal-fired thermal oil heater provided in this project operates at a rated pressure of 0.8MPa and a design temperature of 320°C, meeting the temperature requirements for various shoe manufacturing processes.

For more information about ZOZEN Boiler and its coal-fired thermal oil heater solutions, please visit their official website or contact their customer service center.

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