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What if the Fully Automatic Thermal Oil Heater Catches Fire?

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If the hot oil pump of the fully automatic thermal oil heater is suddenly damaged and stops working during the operation, the boiler circulation will be blocked. If the fuel is still burning to make the oil temperature keep rising, it will cause the coking of the hot medium oil which is easy to cause a fire. Why? The excessive temperature will cause the explosion of the pipe and result in a fire if there is an open flame. How to deal with the problem? There are generally two pumps, one for use and the other for standby application. When one pump is damaged, the user can start the other pump to replace the original pump to ensure the normal operation of the thermal oil heater system.

If the fully automatic thermal oil heater catches fire due to the power cut during the operation, the boiler operator should quickly put out the fire in the furnace to stop the fuel from burning, and blow a large amount of cold air into the furnace to lower the temperature. Meanwhile, it is necessary to start the cold oil replacement device to put the oil in the lower tank and make the cold oil in the lower tank flow back into the boiler, which can bring away the heat and avoid accidents. Besides, the first is to clear the circuit and ensure that there is a wall between the oil tank and the boiler. Finally, there must be a boiler operator inspecting the boiler operation.

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