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What are the Precautions for Using the Hot Medium Oil?

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The hot medium oil of the thermal oil heater should be tested regularly to measure and analyze the physical and chemical indicators such as the residual carbon, acid value, viscosity, flash point, melting point and so on, so as to know the quality changes in time and analyze the reasons for the changes. When the acid value exceeds 0.5mgKOH/g, the viscosity change reaches 15%, the flash point change reaches 20%, and the residual carbon (mass fraction) reaches 1.5%, it indicates that the performance of the hot medium oil has changed.

Therefore, the user needs to regularly add the new heat carrier when using the hot medium oil to keep the residual carbon in the system stable.

In addition, there are more precautions:

1. Avoid the oxidization of the hot medium oil.

2. Avoid the coking of the hot medium oil.

3. Check the leakproofness regularly and strengthen the on-site monitoring to ensure that the thermal oil heater system is complete without leakage, and inspect and maintain the equipment for avoiding corrosion and leakage.

4. Prevent the water and other impurities from mixing into the hot medium oil. As the heating of the heat carrier, the water dissolved in the hot medium oil will quickly vaporize, so the pressure in the heat transfer pipe will rise sharply and the uncontrolled pressure will cause accidents.

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