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What are the Installation Requirements for the Circulating Pump of Thermal Oil Heater?

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The installation requirements for the circulating pump of the thermal oil heater

1. Quantity. The circulating system should include at least two sets of heat oil circulating pumps. On is a working pump and the other is a standby pump.

2. Head. The rate of flow and head of the circulating pump must ensure the flow velocity of heat medium oil in the thermal oil heater. The flow velocity on the radiation heating surface should not be less than 2 meters per second, and the flow velocity on the convention heating surface should not be less than 1.5 meters per second.

3. Power. There should be a backup power supply or other equipment in the boiler room to ensure the normal operation of the circulating pump in the event of a power failure.

4. Filter. The filter should be installed at the inlet of the circulating pump and should be cleaned regularly.

5. Filling pump. The appearance, installation size and basic conditions of the filling pump should refer to the product documents and installation instructions.

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