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Why Gas-fired Hot Water Boilers Require the Softened Water?

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Gas-fired hot water boilers require high-quality water to improve the boiler performance and extend the service life. If the boiler uses the tap water of water which contains a lot of impurities, magnesium and calcium ions in the water will form white precipitates when the water is heated at high temperatures, which can cause the scaling problem to reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler and bring hidden dangers of the boiler safety. To be specific:

1. The heating tube has scaling loss due to overheat and the scale has poor thermal conductivity. Too much scale on the heating tube will cause the internal temperature of the heating tube to be unable to diffuse, which will cause the cracking of outer tube. 

2. The thicker the scale, the higher the fuel consumption, which will reduce the heat transfer efficiency of the heating tube and lengthen the heating time.

3. If the steam pressure of the boiler reduces, the heat will not be transferred to the boiler water quickly, and the output pressure of the equipment will not meet the requirements for use.

4. It will be very difficult to remove the scale on the internal wall of the boiler and the heating tube. The scale can cause the cracking and corrosion of the heating tube or boiler body, which will not only damage the equipment, but also will increase the inspection and maintenance costs.

5. The scale needs to be cleaned with chemical agents. To much clean will damage the boiler, reduce the service life of the boiler, and increase the hidden dangers of boiler safety.

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