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ZOZEN Builds the High-performance Boiler Equipment for the Aerated Concrete Industry

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From November 15 to 17, 2020 China aerated concrete industry conference (the 40th association annual meeting) was held in Chongqing. ZOZEN Boiler, as an outstanding boiler equipment supplier for the aerated concrete industry, attended the meeting with professional boiler solution and successful project experience, which attracted the attention of many leading enterprises.


ZOZEN Boiler attended the 2020 China aerated concrete industry conference

ZOZEN builds the high-performance boiler equipment for the aerated concrete industry

In the production and processing of aerated concrete, autoclaved curing of the aerated concrete body is an essential process which can directly affect the production yield. Generally, the suitable temperature for autoclaved curing is above 175℃. Most enterprises adopt the autoclave and precuring kiln and other heat consuming equipment to provide the heat energy.

According to the characteristics of the aerated concrete industry, ZOZEN researched and developed the technologies including air preheating, condensate water recovery, waste heat utilization of waste steam, and created a set of air preheating type gas-fired boiler solution which was highly matching with the aerated concrete industry. This solution has a reasonable boiler room layout to ensure that air preheater is free in size and stable in performance, which protects the production from interruption. What’s more, the boiler is equipped with the advanced control system, control, alarm and interlock devices of boiler water level and steam pressure to ensure the boiler safety.

In addition, aerated concrete production generates a large amount of condensate water. On one hand, ZOZEN uses the waste heat recovery equipment to heat the boiler feed water; on the other hand, ZOZEN also adopts the air preheater and economizer to lower the exhaust gas temperature. In this way, ZOZEN can make the most of the heat energy to help customers reduce the boiler operating costs and achieve economic benefits.

 SZS gas fired boiler

ZOZEN’s boiler is operating at Shengze New Building Materials in Shandong Province

ZOZEN boiler products are widely applied in the aerated concrete industry with high quality and performance

Anhui Guangrun New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specialized in the production of lightweight autoclaved aerated concrete (ALC) products. The company plans to launch a project with an annual production capacity of 600,000 cubic meters of aerated concrete blocks with other plate production line. The steam boiler is the necessary heating equipment of the project. After the sufficient investigation on many boiler manufacturers, Guangrun New Building Materials finally chose the air preheating type gas-fired boiler solution provided by ZOZEN Boiler.

 WNS oil-fired boiler

ZOZEN’s boiler installation site at Guangrun New Building Materials

In the solution, the boiler proper adopted the hot selling ZOZEN WNS series three-pass gas-fired boiler and advanced combustion equipment to realize the high combustion efficiency and low NOx emissions. The whole boiler system was customized for the aerated concrete industry, which could save a lot of boiler operating costs. Recently, this set of ZOZEN steam boiler had been ignited and put into use, whose stable and high-quality steam output won the favor of Guangrun New Building Materials.

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