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What is the Gas Consumption per Hour of 1ton Natural Gas Boiler?

View:214 2021-02-07 00:00:00  

Gas consumption per hour of natural gas boiler = boiler thermal efficiency / natural gas calorific value / boiler efficiency.

Through the formula we can see that the gas consumption of natural gas boilers mainly depends on boiler capacity, natural gas calorific value and boiler efficiency. However, we cannot change the boiler capacity and natural gas calorific value, only the boiler efficiency is variable.

Taking a 1 ton gas boiler with full-load operation as an example. If the calorific value of natural gas is calculated according to 8,000 kcal per cubic meter, according to the difference of boiler efficiency, it is calculated that 1 ton natural gas boiler consumes about 75 cubic meters of natural gas per hour.

The higher the efficiency of boiler use, the less gas consumption, which has inverse relationship between the two. Boiler efficiency has become a key point in assessing boiler quality.

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