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What is the Working Principle of the Automatic Boiler Water Level Controller?

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The automatic boiler water level controller is mainly composed of hardware and software parts to complete the functions of the control system. The hardware part is mainly composed of the water level detection circuit, drive circuit, water level indication circuit, pressure automatic control simulation, manual control, etc. The software part is mainly composed of the programs written in assembly language.

The working principle of the automatic boiler water level controller

The circuit realizes the water level detection and alarm, and then controls the start and stop of the water pump. The main water level control object is the water pump, and the container is the boiler. The water level is detected by the detector. Under normal conditions, the water level is controlled between certain measurement points within the example section. When the water level is lower or higher than limits of the normal water level, an optical alarm will be issued. If the water level is normal, the alarm will be released. When the water level is lower than the limit of the water level, the water pump will keep filling water. When the water level is higher than the limit, the water pump will be turned off. When the water level is at different detection points, there will be corresponding numbers to display the water level. The pressure detection is via a switch to simulate the pressure level, and the indicator light is used to simulate the working and stopping of the fan. Besides, a manual operation button is set to manually start the water pump and fan.

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