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What are the Chain Grate Types of Coal-fired Steam Boilers?

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The chain grate is the combustion equipment of coal-fired steam boiler. There are three main types and structures: chain belt grate, scale grate and beam grate.

1. Chain belt grate. The chain belt grate is a wide circular chain belt which is surrounded by and supported on the the front and rear axles via the chain wheels. At present, ZOZEN packaged chain grate steam boiler mainly adopts the large-block chain belt grate with a capacity of 1-20 tph.

2. Scale grate. The scale grate has many advantages. The obvious one is that there is less coal leakage. The scales can be replaced without shutting down the boiler. The ventilation is balanced, and the ventilation section is relatively small (6%). The chain grate bars only bears the stress or high temperature instead of both of them, which improves the working conditions of the chain grate.

3. Beam grate. Its main feature is that the width and length of the grate can be extended in a wide range, and the tonnage of the boiler can be larger. At present, the tonnage of the domestic beam chain grate steam boiler can reach 240 tph. The grate is featured with long service life, good durability, smooth arrangement and convenient replacement.

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