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What are the Basic Configurations of the Thermal Oil Heater System?

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According to the differences in fuel and structure, industrial thermal oil heaters are mainly divided into the oil/gas-fired thermal oil heater and coal/biomass-fired thermal oil heater. The basic configurations of the thermal oil boiler system generally are as follows.

1. Combustion system: base, grate, furnace and so on (coal-fired thermal oil heater); furnace, burner, ignition device and so on (oil/gas-fired thermal oil heater)

2. Oil circulating system: circulating oil pump, oil injection pump, storage tank, expansion tank and so on

3. Control system: a match with the boiler control cabinet

4. Air and flue gas system: induced draft fan, chimney and so on. (The air and flue gas system refers to the system composed of the flue gas generated by combustion and air.

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