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What are the Factors Affecting the Pressure of the Thermal Oil Heater?

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The pressure of thermal oil heater is the circulating pressure generated by the circulating oil pump driving the circulation of the heat medium oil.

Factors affecting the maximum pressure of the thermal oil heater

1. The pressure of circulating hot oil pump

The pressure of the liquid-phase thermal oil heater and heating system is determined by the pressure of the circulating pump, so the heating method of the heat medium oil heating system is a liquid-phase forced circulation, and the circulating pump plays an essential role in the circulation of heat medium oil in the entire heating system. If the circulating pump stops running, the circulation of heat medium oil will be interrupted.

2. The aperture size of inlet and outlet of oil port

The larger the aperture size of inlet and outlet of oil port, the larger the pressure of thermal oil heater, the faster the oil flow speed, which can ensue the good temperature control effect of the thermal oil heater.

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