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What are the Precautions for the Explosion-proof Door of the Industrial Boiler?

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During the ignition and operation of the chamber combustion boiler fueled by pulverized coal, oil or combustible gas, improper operation can cause the deflagration or secondary combustion in the furnace or flue gas duct, which can further cause the increased pressure in the furnace. When the pressure reaches a certain value, the explosion-proof door is necessary to open automatically to protect the furnace wall of the boiler.

The Precautions for the Explosion-proof Door

1. The explosion-proof door is generally installed on the side furnace wall of the oil/gas-fired steam boiler or on the top of the flue gas duct at the furnace outlet.

2. The explosion-proof door should be installed in a place that does not threaten the safety of the operator, and be equipped with a guide tube for pressure relief. No flammable or explosive materials should be stored nearby. 

3. The movable explosion-proof door should be manually tested regularly to prevent rusting.

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