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ZOZEN Eco-friendly Gas-fired Boilers Become a Landscape in the Green Factory of New Far East Cable

Recently, ZOZEN’s cooperative partner New Far East Cable Co., Ltd. had obtained the green factory evaluation certificate issued by China Quality Certification Center, indicating that the company had reached the level of green manufacturing in terms of resource consumption and environmental emissions. ZOZEN gas-fired steam boiler system had helped New Far East Cable reduce resource consumption, prevent and control the pollution, which became a landscape of the green factory.


 szs gas-fired boiler

The scene of New Far East Cable’s gas-fired boiler room

ZOZEN gas-fired boilers provided strong support for the manufacturing of New Far East Cable

The steam boiler is the energy equipment on the production line of New Far East Cable. In the cable industry, heating and humidification of cables and electric wires are common processes, and steaming can promote the crosslinking between the molecules of cable insulation materials to turn the linear structure into network structure, which requires a large amount of steam. Therefore, focusing on the product quality, New Far East Cable put forward strict requirements for the steam control of the production line.

In response, ZOZEN customized a set of SZS series condensing gas-fired boiler system for New Far East Cable. This boiler adopts the intelligent control system. Compared with the chain grate boiler, SZS series boiler has no fuel feeder or dust collector, which greatly improves the environment of boiler room. Meanwhile, the thermal efficiency of ZOZEN tailor-made boiler system is 5% higher than that of same products on the market, which helped New Far East Cable reduce the costs and improve the production efficiency. 

 SZS series condensing gas-fired boiler system

The diagram of ZOZEN SZS series condensing gas-fired boiler system

ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired boiler producing high-quality steam is hot-selling in the cable industry

ZOZEN SZS series gas-fired boiler adopts the large-volume furnace and installs the imported low-NOx burner from German to control the NOx emission less than 30mg/Nm3; and the boiler proper is equipped with reasonably-sized steam drum and steam-water separator for better steam-water separation and steam purification to improve the steam quality required by the cable industry.

In addition, the economic benefits is also the main reason why ZOZEN boiler system is favored by cable manufacturers. ZOZEN adds the condenser, economizer and other devices at the boiler end to recycle the latent heat generated by the condensation of dampness-heat and water vapor in the flue gas, which can improve the thermal efficiency to 98% and above. Meanwhile, the cooling steam water in the boiler also can add fresh water for the production process of cables such as wire drawing, annealing, water sealing, extrusion, rubber extrusion, rubber mixing, which can save a lot of water for the enterprise.

 ZOZEN gas-fired boilers

ZOZEN gas-fired boilers are operating at Zhongmei Cable

With excellent product quality, ZOZEN has also reached the cooperation with Shangshang Cable, Zhongmei Cable, Chuangqi Cable and other well-known cable enterprises. ZOZEN has always produced boiler products that are designed according to the actual demands, meets the environmental protection standards and realizes the precise temperature control.

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