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ZOZEN Boiler Empowers Palm Oil Plant in Malaysia with 8-Ton Light Diesel Steam Boiler

Malaysia's palm oil industry continues to thrive, and ZOZEN Boiler has added another success story to its overseas market portfolio. A local palm oil plant in Malaysia recently acquired an 8-ton light diesel steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler, reinforcing the company's reputation for excellence in providing innovative boiler solutions.

In Malaysia, strict DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health) certification is mandatory for the import and use of boiler equipment. ZOZEN Boiler demonstrated its exceptional international standards and extensive experience in overseas projects during the rigorous certification process. To ensure successful DOSH certification, ZOZEN Boiler meticulously prepared comprehensive technical documentation and quality inspection reports, strictly adhering to Malaysian production and testing standards. The company's unwavering commitment to quality and technical expertise resulted in obtaining DOSH certification, providing customers with the assurance of a safe and reliable product.

Steam boilers play a vital role in the palm oil production process, and ZOZEN WNS series 8-ton light diesel steam boiler perfectly meets the customer's requirements. This boiler showcases advanced combustion technology and a three-pass structure design, which enables maximum fuel utilization, heightened thermal efficiency, and reduced operating costs.

ZOZEN Boiler goes beyond product provision by offering comprehensive after-sales services and technical support. This ensures that the boiler operates efficiently and reliably after installation and commissioning. By choosing ZOZEN Boiler's products, the customer experienced significant improvements in production efficiency and effective control over production costs, thereby enhancing their market competitiveness.


ZOZEN WNS series 8-ton light diesel steam boiler

The WNS series horizontal internal combustion boiler features a shell-type design with three passes and a wetback oil/gas-fired configuration. The burner atomizes the fuel, generating a flame that fills the wave furnace and transfers heat through the furnace wall, marking the first pass. Subsequently, the high-temperature smoke is collected in the reversal chamber and enters the grooved tubes bundle area for the second pass. Heat convection takes place, gradually reducing air temperature, before reaching the front smoke box for the third pass through the smooth tubes bundle area. Finally, the smoke passes through the chimney via the back smoke box and is exhausted into the atmosphere.

Key Features of the 8-Ton Light Diesel Steam Boiler:

Fully Automatic Safe Operation: 8-ton light diesel steam boiler is equipped with IoT technology, remote control capabilities, and expert management, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Thermal Efficiency ≥98%: The corrugated furnace and threaded smoke tube design, along with the economizer and condenser, contribute to exceptional thermal efficiency.

Easy Maintenance: An advanced control system enables unattended operation, simplifying maintenance procedures.

Eco-Efficient: The low-nitrogen burner and combustion technology effectively reduce NOx emissions to ≤30mg/Nm³, aligning with environmental sustainability goals.

Customer Feedback:

"8-ton light diesel steam boiler from ZOZEN has demonstrated remarkable stability, high efficiency, and energy savings throughout our production process. The boiler has significantly improved our production efficiency and reduced operating costs. We must highlight the professionalism of ZOZEN's after-sales service team, who provided great assistance during the installation and commissioning, ensuring a swift start-up of the boilers."

With the successful installation of the 8-ton light diesel steam boiler at the palm oil plant, ZOZEN Boiler once again proves its commitment to delivering cutting-edge boiler solutions that drive operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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