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What is Oil Consumption Per Hour of 2 tph Oil-fired Boiler?

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The oil-fired boiler refers to the boiler fueled by oil, including the diesel, waste oil and other fuel oil. The oil consumption of the oil-fired boiler affects the economic operation of the boiler.

The oil consumption of a 2 tph oil-fired boiler (per hour) = 3600*thermal power/calorific value/boiler thermal efficiency.

The thermal power of a 2 tph oil-fired boiler is 1.4 MW. It is assumed that the calorific value of a kind of certain fuel oil is 42Mj/kg. The boiler thermal efficiency is 95%. It can be calculated that the oil consumption of a 2 tph oil-fired boiler per hour is 122 kg.

From the formula, we can conclude the factors affecting the oil consumption as follows:

1. Boiler thermal efficiency: There are many factors that affect the boiler thermal efficiency such as: exhaust gas temperature, calorific value of the fuel, boiler design, operating level of the boiler operator and so on. These factors may affect the boiler thermal efficiency. In addition, different boiler manufacturers also affect the differences in the boiler efficiency.

2. Fuel calorific value: Different oil types have different calorific values, so the 2 tph boilers with different fuels also ahve different oil consumption. What’s more, the low calorific value of heavy oil is 44833kj/kg, the low calorific value of diesel is 10,200kcal/kg, the low calorific value of gasoline is 43062kj/kg, and the low calorific value of methyl alcohol is 4650kcal/kg.

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