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ZOZEN Boiler provided Inikin with advanced WNS series gas steam boilers

Discover how ZOZEN Boiler's unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and exemplary after-sales support has made a significant impact on Inikin’s mineral water production base. As a trusted partner, ZOZEN Boiler has provided their advanced WNS series gas steam boilers, ensuring the purity, sterility, and consistent quality of mineral water.   

Recent After-Sales Visit:

ZOZEN Boiler's dedicated after-sales team recently conducted an on-site visit to Inikin's production base. The purpose of this visit was to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the gas steam boilers while addressing any technical concerns or issues.


ZOZEN Boiler's exceptional support includes gas mode flue gas detection and optimizing the air-to-fuel ratio for improved combustion efficiency and reduced emissions. They conduct a thorough inspection of remote metering instrument circuits to ensure accurate data transmission, enabling precise monitoring and control. Startup head inspection of the burners allows proactive identification and resolution of potential equipment issues, enhancing overall reliability. Rigorous testing of boiler interlocks ensures operational safety and stability throughout the production process. These comprehensive services demonstrate ZOZEN Boiler's commitment to exemplary results and unwavering customer satisfaction.Exemplary Results and Customer Commitment:


All the tests and measurements conducted during the visit yielded positive results, highlighting the excellent performance and normal operation of the equipment. This visit serves as a testament to ZOZEN Boiler's commitment to customer satisfaction and their comprehensive after-sales service system.


WNS series gas steam boilers


ZOZEN Boiler's Differentiating Factor:

ZOZEN Boiler's WNS series gas-fired steam boilers are designed to provide fully automatic and safe operation, ensuring reliable and efficient energy supply to the Iniki production line. These boilers incorporate advanced technologies and features, guaranteeing optimal performance and environmental sustainability.


The WNS series gas steam boilers operate with a high thermal efficiency of ≥98%. This efficiency is achieved through the use of a corrugated furnace and threaded smoke tube design, which maximizes heat transfer and minimizes energy loss. Additionally, the boilers are equipped with an economizer and condenser, further enhancing their energy-saving capabilities.


ZOZEN Boiler's WNS series boilers are equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) technology, enabling remote control and monitoring. Through this system, the boilers can be operated and managed by experts from a central location. This advanced control system allows for unattended operation, reducing the need for manual intervention and ensuring optimal performance at all times.


The WNS series boilers are designed for easy maintenance. With user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive control systems, maintenance tasks can be performed efficiently. This ensures that the boilers remain in optimal condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity for the Iniki production line.


ZOZEN Boiler prioritizes environmental sustainability in their boiler designs. The WNS series gas steam boilers are equipped with low-nitrogen burners and advanced combustion technology, resulting in low NOx emissions of ≤30mg/Nm³. This eco-efficient operation helps to minimize the environmental impact while meeting stringent emission standards.


ZOZEN Boiler's partnership with Inikin in providing WNS series gas steam boilers for their mineral water production base showcases the company's commitment to customer satisfaction. Trust in ZOZEN Boiler for reliable solutions and unparalleled customer support in the industry.

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