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How to Reduce the Exhaust Gas Temperature of Gas Boilers?

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1. Use energy saver and condenser

The economizer and condenser are mostly installed at the rear of the gas boiler and connected to the flue. When the high-temperature flue gas passes through these two devices, it will release heat due to condensation and be re-supplied to the boiler. The temperature of the flue gas will naturally drop.

2. The use of air preheater

An air preheater is arranged at the rear pipe of the economizer, and the device can effectively increase the temperature of the combustion air and improve the ignition condition of the fuel. It is very beneficial to the combustion conditions of the boiler.

3. The combustion system adjusts the two-way

The boiler design specifications have certain adaptability to the fuel. Different media have different effects on the outside during the combustion process. The adjustment is implemented, and the use of economizers and air preheaters is used to control the boiler exhaust gas temperature. The temperature, that is, the full use of thermal energy, can ensure the relative integrity of the structural functions of the equipment, protect the environment, save energy and reduce consumption, and safe development is the social responsibility of all of us.

For an industrial boiler with reasonable structural design, its thermal efficiency is relatively high, and its exhaust gas discharge temperature is relatively low, so we must carefully consider the boiler property report form when purchasing the boiler.

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